The app that takes your
intersectional identity
into consideration

We deliver culturally-centered, intersectional and evidence-based self-care for teens and adults from all walks of life while also reducing the cost and time commitment of in-person therapy.

Our Empowerment Model

An all-in-one mobile health app that focuses on individual and collective strength to help you reach your goals. We ALL have something unique to offer.

Peer Support

Collective care is self-care. Join specific community groups that fit your needs and chat with other users. Groups are moderated by mental health experts.

Mood Check-Ins

Daily check-ins track your mood to help you find community groups that fit your needs.

One-on-One Texting

Feeling down right now? Don’t worry. Coaches can help talk you through the issue and plan next steps, wherever and whenever you need it.

Empowerment Kit

Easily access trauma-informed, evidence-based resources, daily rituals and media centered in intersectionality and wellness. Butterflly will empower you to build the life you want for yourself, even when life's trying its best to deal you a bad hand.

Therapist Matching

We believe that finding a therapist you can relate to is a non-negotiable. Our therapists are not only trained in trauma-informed, culturally-centered and intersectional frameworks, but these principles form the backbone of every aspect of their treatment.

Caring for myself is not
it is
self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”


Our trauma-informed, non judgemental and intersectional philosophy creates a space where it's safe to speak your truth.

What People Are Saying About Butterflly

"The Butterflly team is developing incredible tools to help the underserved population get the care they need.”

Jordan R.Los Angeles, CA

"Butterflly is on its way to becoming a mental health care company used all across the world."

Steve C.San Francisco, CA

"Finally an app that gets me and gives me the help to live my best life."

Kim R.St. Louis, MO

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